Live From Our House
Lee & Jo presenting the breakfast show from home!

Live From Our House

In Demand’s “The Brekky Butler” will be different this week.

Presenters Lee Butler and Joe Hollywood will be presenting the breakfast show from home every morning this week, as Joe tested positive for COVID earlier today.

On Thursday evening, Joe started to feel ill; as a precaution, the duo never went on-air on Friday morning and Joe was subsequently tested.

Lee, who had COVID in October, has since tested negative.

Lee said: “We really enjoy doing the show and feel like it must go on.

“Joe and I are going to set up our home studios tomorrow, allowing us to do the show from home on Tuesday, with Steve Weaver joining us live from our studio at In Demand

“We know how difficult and complicated things are at the moment but as you know, we are all trying to do our best and we plan on having some fun every morning this week.

“We looking forward to doing our show in our PJ’s and working from home”.